Free Lightroom Presets
Free Lightroom Presets

When it comes to photography we want to be as efficient as possible. That is why we created these free Lightroom presets. Learning how to best use your time whether it’s behind the camera or behind the computer editing is essential in your photography journey.

If you allow it you could spend hours editing a single image. It can be paralyzing. You second guess every edit. It all seems so final. Don’t you wish someone could give you a starting point? I know I did and still do.

Almost every professional photographer I know uses presets, whether ones they have made themselves or ones they have purchased.

Over the years I have done a combination of both. I have made my own when I find that there are several editing steps I do to every single image. I have also purchased presets.

This is why I teamed up with my dear friend and photography mentor, Megan Cieloha. We created these free Lightroom presets just for you.

Click here to download your free Lightroom presets

Work smarter...not harder

Allan F. Mogensen

There are five presets included in these set of free Lightroom presets:

  • No.
    Black & White

  • No.
    Clean Color (for underexposed)

  • No.
    Clean Color (for overexposed)

  • No.
    Cool it down

  • No.
    Warm it up


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