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Gift ideas for photographers
Gift ideas for photographers

It’s that time of year again where we start making our list for Santa. Below is a list of some of my favorite items as well as some gift ideas for photographers that I hope will appear under my tree as well.

What an amazing list of gift ideas for photographers! I need to send Santa this list as there are several things I really want! Via clickitupanotch.com
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    Shutterbag Camera bag

    Looking for a new camera bag? Look no further. These stylish leather camera bags are not only beautiful but practical as well. I have been using my Shutterbags for the past 4 years. The padding on the inside keeps my gear safe while leaving room for my wallet, kids items and even diapers when we needed them.

    I also love to use them for travel as a couple of them have space for my laptop as well as my camera and lenses, passport, water bottle and wallet.

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    Camera lens mug

    This is a fun stocking stuffer. Fill this camera lens mug up with your favorite hot beverage to keep you warm this holiday session.

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    Golden Hour Vibes

    This whole shop is full of fun shirts for photographers. I had a hard time choosing a favorite. Newborn or Wedding photographers? There are some fun shirts with the real reason you love your job. May need to add this Golden Hour Vibes shirt to your wish list.

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    Editing day coffee mug

    Love to edit? This Editing Day mug was made for you. Grab this mug when it’s time to buckle down and edit your personal photos or your latest sessions. I got this one last year and love it!

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    Expo Disc

    If you are ready to up your white balance game this Expodisc is a game changer. Use it to nail your white balance each and every time. You can also set your exposure with the Expodisc as well. Perfect item for any photographer’s camera bag.

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    Light Seeker Necklace

    This beautiful gold bar “Light Seeker” necklace is the perfect everyday piece for any photographer. It is a great conversation starter when people read the message. Excellent stocking stuffer!

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    Lip Sheer

    Don’t show up to your next session without this amazing Lip Sheer. I can’t get enough of this lip sheer. It is the most moisturizing lip stick (I am hesitant to even call it a lip stick because it’s so moisturizing) ever. It’s the perfect finish to your routine.

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    Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera

    Think of how much your kids will adore you taking their photo when the camera instantly prints the photo for them. If you have kids who run from the camera this may be a fun way to get them to love the camera. There are all sorts of fun projects you can do with this camera. Check out the Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera.

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    Photo Magnets

    Print the images from your Instagram or phone to these adorable photo magnets. What a fun thing to add to your refrigerator. Your kids will love seeing their everyday moments captured instead of living on the computer each time they get out the milk.

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    The Evelyn Scarf

    My sister and her family is in the process of adopting a little girl. They are selling these Evelyn scarves to help bring her home. The scarves come in 4 different colors and are great accessory to your everyday outfit.

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    Tamron 85mm

    This lens creates the most beautiful blurry backgrounds and your subject just pops off the image. If you take portraits this is a must have lens. Check out the Tamron 85mm 1.8.

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    Wood Block + Prints

    Get those photos off your computer and onto your desk or grandparents or spouse desk. This Wood Block + Prints is great for changing up the photos being displayed. This is a staple for any photographers desk.

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    Foto camera strap

    This timeless Fotostrap is a classic piece every photographer needs. Not only is it made in the US and you can customize the leather part with your initials or business name but it is super comfortable. I can’t get over how classic it looks. There are a variety of color choices to choose from.


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