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8 Key Benefits To Knowing Your Photography Style
8 Key Benefits To Knowing Your Photography Style

Once I found my photography style, I felt like I could really call myself a photographer. I felt like I was finally confident with my images and that they truly represented my vision. Not only did they represent my vision, they represented me as an artist.

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Having a clear and defined photography style also changed my journey with photography, by both opening up new doors and making me happier with my photography. Learn what 8 ways you can benefit from finding your photography style.

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    Editing Becomes Easy

    When you have a clear photography style, editing becomes so much easier. You are no longer staring at your photos in Lightroom, wondering what sliders to manipulate to bring your photos to life. Once you have a photography style, you will find that editing is streamlined and you will tend to edit the same way each time you edit an image, as a way of creating a cohesive collection of images.

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    Your Portfolio is Consistent

    Having a photography style leads you to create a portfolio that is consistent and contains images that flow effortlessly from one to the next. Your portfolio will be harmonious and look like it belongs together, even if your subjects and location change throughout. Having a consistent portfolio will be very beneficial, should you want to make money through photography.

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    You Attract The Right Clients

    If you are in business, having a photography style is a must if you want to be successful and happy with your business. When you have a photography style that is clear and speaks for itself, you will attract the clients that want that style. When you have a style that is jumbled and unclear, you will attract a wide variety of clients who all want different things…which will create uncertainty for both you and your clients, and you won’t know what they want and they won’t know what to expect.

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    Your Style Will Be Clear, No Matter the Subject

    Whether it is photographing newborns or taking a snapshot of your sleeping puppy, having a photography style will help you be consistent no matter what subject you are photographing. Your photos will flow together, even when the subjects are different, and everything will look like it belongs together. Having a clear photography style will allow you the freedom to display your style in a variety of photo genres, from landscape to portrait to lifestyle photography.

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    You Will Become More Focused

    When you have a photography style, you will find that your photography is more focused. This will help you focus your attention towards the things that will enhance your style, and say no to the things that don’t offer anything to you. You will find that you have more of a clear direction, once you have pinpointed your photography style.

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    You Will Know When To Pick Up Your Camera...And When Not To

    After I found my photography style, I began to easily identify the moments when I should pick up my camera and at what times it was okay to leave my camera behind. Once you know your photography style, you will know what elements in your surroundings will help you to achieve that style and, in turn, what elements don’t offer anything to your style. This will help you quickly determine what places, whether it is locations or subjects, encourage you to pick up your camera.

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    You Will Simply Be Happier

    Part of finding your photography style is determining what photos bring you joy. It’s about determining what you view as good photography and what attracts your eye. Once you know your photography style, you will be a happier photographer because you will begin creating images that you are happy with. You will stop feeling like your images are disorganized and, instead, see harmony amongst your images.

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    Your Photography Will Be Recognized More

    Once your photography style is clearly defined and you start photographing with your style in mind, you will start attracting the eye of others. If you are on social media, your following will increase and maintain better because your followers will know what to expect of you. In turn, you have the opportunity to be recognized more for your photography and could begin making money for your images, as you will be viewed as a reliable photographer who produces images that have a consistent style.

Identifying and creating a photography style was single handedly one of the best things I ever did for my photography. Because I have a style, I am recognized more for my work, am hired by the right clients, only pick up my camera when I am inspired, and am just plain happier with the images I create.

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