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8 Easy Photo Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life
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8 Easy Photo Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Life

Your photos are TOO good to just be sitting on your hard drive. You can print them and hang them up around your house, but what if you used your talent to make other people smile, too? I have some photo gift ideas that will give you just the spark you need to get your photos off your computer and into someone’s hands.

What do we get the people who seem to have everything? I have a few of those people in my life and something I have learned over the years is that everyone loves photos. So here are some photo gift ideas that anyone would love and cherish for a long time.

Photo Book Gift Idea

Remember back when we used to have all of our 4×6 photos developed and then we placed them into a photo album? It can be WAY more simple and less work now.

Now you can make digital photo books that are a scrapbook and a photo album all in one. You can personalize it or just upload the photos and go.

These are beautiful quality prints and they are all in one bound book.

First Two Years Photo Book

I just made these photo books for my girls and we all love them so much. I can’t stop looking at them.

Our kiddos change so much in those first two years. I was inspired by my friend, Catherine at All the Best to create a First Two Year photobook for each of my girls. It was a lot of work but it’s a personalized gift that will last a lifetime.

Photo of a child in a crib from a photo book for a photo gift idea.

Vacation/Travel Photo Books

I love a good trip. I end up taking SO many photos. While social media is an easy place to upload them to, there is just something about having the physical pictures all in one place like a photo book.

This gift would be perfect for loved ones who went on the trip with you. Maybe grandparents went along to the beach. Having all of the photos printed into a book would be a personalized gift they would likely cherish forever.

Don’t let a photo book scare you here I have 5 Tips for Creating a Better Photo Book

Family Yearbook

Another photo gift idea that would make anyone happy is a family yearbook.

Choose your favorite photos of the entire year and have them printed into a photo book. Then label it with the year and there you have it an easy and beautiful gift.

The secret to any great photo book is not to overload it with photos (which is honestly the hardest part). Let your beautiful photos take center stage instead of putting 30 pictures on one spread.

Photo books don’t have to take a long time to make. Here is How I made 3 Photo Books in 4 Hours

Favorite Photo Book Companies

Here are a couple of my favorite photo book companies:
Artifact Uprising
Milk Books

Photo of 2 photo books from the side view.

Personalized Photo Calendar

If you are looking for a personalized photo gift idea, a calendar is the place to start. Talk about an easy way to display photos.

There are a few options for photo calendars. You can have a lot of photos added on every month. Or keep it simple and clean with just one photo on each month.

My family has done this in the past and we get to enjoy this gift all year long.

This is a nice way to display your photos and it changes every month to show at least 12 of your favorite photos.

Key Chain Photo Gift Idea

I love the idea of carrying my favorite photos with me and I don’t mean just on my phone. We all have to carry our keys with us when we leave the house, why not add a small photo to remind you of who you love or a place you love.

These key chain photo gifts can be as simple or complex as you want. A simple plastic double sided square or you could even have a classy leather keychain with a hidden photo on the inside.

A key chain is a gift you could give anyone, including kids. They are very reasonably priced, and just over all a great personalized photo gift idea.

Photo Gift on a Wooden Blocks

Photo of a wooden block holding prints for a photo gift idea.

This wooden block/photo display is one of my new favorite ways to display photos. I gave this to my husband years ago and it allows you to switch out the photos whenever you want. Plus the prints are really high quality. Your desk, shelf, coffee table etc.

Next pick out a few favorite pictures photos and have them printed on a thick quality paper.

They stand up so nicely and you can change the main photo any time you want.

If you are a DIYer check out these post:
How to Make DIY Photo Coasters
How to Mod Podge Photo Transfer onto Glass

Photo of a wooden block holding prints from the side angle for a photo gift idea.

Photo Collage Frame Photo Gift Idea

Do you have a handful of photos that you really LOVE and you want to give them all as a gift? Then the collage frame is the personalized gift you need to make.

It’s simple, easy, and beautiful. Upload your favorite photos and click order. The photos will be placed into a neat collage and there you have it!

Photo Tiles

Photo Tiles are a great way to display a lot of images in an orderly way.

You can order physical prints, magnets, canvas’s and even more options. I love the magnet idea because you can rearrange them often.

Photo of a pile of photo tiles as an example of unique photo gift ideas

Birthday Cards

Sending birthday cards is still a lovely thought. But sending a birthday card with a photo of some of their favorite people is an even better one.

Personalized Holiday Gift Tags

This is something I do every year for my girls. I gather some of my favorite photos of each of the girls. Then I have them printed off and attach a photo to each of their gifts.

The photo acts as the tag and the person in the photo knows the gift is for them.

Photo of brown paper wrapped gifts with a personalized photo tag on each gift.

Making a personalized photo gift tag is a creative and unique way to tell who’s gift is who’s.

Here is a more detailed blog post on making these Holiday gift tags:
How to use your photos for a personal touch on any gift

Photo Gift Ideas FAQs

What to buy for someone who loves photos?

A creative photo gift idea for a person who loves photos is a photo book. You can create this book online and make it as detailed or simple as you’d like.
A photo book is a memory holder that is nice to display and share with others.

What can I put a photo on for a gift?

ANYTHING! You can do classic canvas prints, wooden blocks, or even coffee mugs if you’d like. Magnet tiles are one of my favorite things to put a photo on for a gift because they are small and easy to blend into anyones home or style.

What is a great last minute photo gift idea?

If you have a day or so, getting a photo collage printed and framed is always a nice gift. If not, consider printing a photo and using it as a cover for a card.

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