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What I Learned by Taking a Social Media Break
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What I Learned by Taking a Social Media Break

In this age of technology, we have everything we want at our fingertips. You want to know something… google it. Need some photography inspiration… hop on Instagram. Need something delivered… get on Amazon- maybe you’ll be lucky enough to land same day delivery. You name it and it’s there. And as nice as it is to have all this, it can quickly hit the point of overload.

This is just what I needed to read! I find myself on social media more than I like and this confirms everything I feel! Read - "What I Learned by Taking a Social Media Break"

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Personally, I was (am) a sucker for Instagram. It’s chalk full of beautiful imagery and I’ve made some amazing friendships with people on there. But I found myself getting lost in it. Both figuratively and quite literally. I decided to take some time off and call it quits with all social media for awhile. Here’s what I’ve learned in the meantime.

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    It’s Easy to Loose Yourself to the Masses

    I was quickly losing my drive to shoot for myself and found myself creating for the “audience” at hand. Stepping back allowed me to see what really made my heart swoon. Things like the candid silly moments with my kids, more documentary style shooting, and free lensing.

    Ultimately, I need to do this for me. Not for the likes or features. Although they’re fun, those feelings are fleeting. I need to create for me and me alone.

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    Stop Comparing

    When there is that much beautiful work being put out there, it’s hard not to step back and feel like what I’m producing just isn’t cutting it. But we all start in different places and grow at different paces.

    During my break I looked back through my years of archives and the growth was obvious. So for now I’ll keep on doing what I’m doing. The only thing I can control is the effort and heart I put into my own work.

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    Be Present and Stay in the Moment

    The start of my social media fast was quite sobering. I had no clue how much I was missing all around me when I was nose to my phone all the time. I felt like I had missed so many of the little things happening with my children, which was crazy… Capturing and experiencing those fleeing things were the whole reason I initially set out on my photo journey!

    Since I wasn’t posting, I didn’t feel as compelled to pick up my camera for every little thing. Rather, I’ve been preserving the moments that really move me. I’m finding myself living more of my life rather than documenting/sharing it.

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    Find Balance

    As with anything in life, too much (even of a good thing) can be harmful. I’m not planning on staying off social media forever. In fact, after a nearly two month hiatus, I’m about ready to dive back in. But the way I approach it will be different.

    My notifications have been turned off. I’ll shoot and post for me and me alone. And I’ll remember to put down the phone, step out of the virtual reality of social media, and back into my own beautiful, busy (and often crazy) world.