Best Photography Tutorials
Best Photography Tutorials

It’s that time of year where I reflect on the best photography tutorials we published in the last year.

I am so thankful you are part of our community and am honored to be on this journey with you.

One thing I love seeing each year when I put together the list of best photography tutorials is how diverse the tutorials are.

We do our best to cover a variety of topics to help you in all areas of your photography.

Wow! These truly are some of the BEST photography tutorials. So many photography tips and tricks! I can't wait to read more!

Not sure what photography skill you need to learn next? We all know there is so much out there to learn. Take this quick quiz to find out.

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    Finding a photography style that is unique to you as an artist is one of the most common struggles photographers encounter. There are just so many amazing photography styles to choose from that it seems that we either try too many styles all at once or feel as though we adopt a particular photography style only because it is currently popular. But when we do that, we only set ourselves up to be just like everyone else, instead of unique! When we find ourselves with a lack of a photography style, we also find that we lack in inspiration. And inspiration is what drives us to pick up our cameras in the first place.

    Capture photos, your way. Use these three tips to help find your photography style and start putting your unique stamp on your images.

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    Photography is an amazing way to capture your life around you as well as share your unique perspective on how you view things. It can always be extremely overwhelming and feel like a foreign language. At least it did for me.

    I put together a Photography A to Z for you. Think of this as a resource/guide to help you figure out parts of photography you may have not even realized you didn’t know. Or maybe it’s a guide to help you dive deeper into the meaning behind some of these words and concepts.

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    Recently, I got another chance to head back to London & Paris (sans kids!) & honestly, the only thing (besides food) I could think about was how I would capture my travels this time. How would it be different than the first time I’d been to these cities? How would I approach each place with new eyes & make sure to capture the experience but still… ya know, experience it.

    I actually didn’t have any game plan & just went with the flow of things but now that I’ve come back across the pond & had several nights of 10+ hours of sleep, I feel fully able to share what worked for me & provide you with my list of Dos and Don’ts for Travel Photography.

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    Lightroom is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to organizing and editing your photos. It’s so powerful in fact that its difficult to know everything it can do for you when you first start using it. For photographers who have been using Lightroom for years, these things may be an old hat to you, but if you have just started learning the program or haven’t been using it for very long, these three “tricks” might be eye opening resources that help you edit and organize your photos much more quickly!

    I have been using Lightroom for years and did not know about one of these tricks. - 3 Lightroom Tricks You Did Not Know About

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    It is inevitable that at some point you will be shooting a scene where you have really bright spots from situations like having direct sunlight in your image, reflection of light bouncing off subjects/objects, or from shooting backlighting (there are other situations where this can occur but it these are the most common for me personally).

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    When heading to the happiest place on your, your may start to wonder how you will capture all the joy and emotion you and your family will experience. Read over this list of Disney World photography tips to help capture your vacation.

    These tips are meant to help you capture the moments but I encourage you not to miss the moments because you are too busy capturing them.

    Please put your camera down and live in the moment. Yes, you want images to remember the trip but your kids will want you to be a part of it as well.

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    With new photographers popping up in your area from what it seems like out of nowhere, the thought of leaving your mark in the photography world can seem unrealistic.

    With new photographers comes new competition, and with new competition, comes with the fight or flight response to make your photography thrive.

    Because, how can you expect to “make it” in this industry if your photos don’t stand out from the rest?

    Although “blending in” with other togs in your area might seem unavoidable, you can certainly set yourself apart from the crowd with some artistic execution to make your photos purely unique!

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    We know that light is an extremely important element in photography. It often can make or break an image. It’s of course not the only important factor for making a good image. There are many elements that go into it. However we have all captured a moment where we accidentally underexposed or overexposed the image, and sometimes there’s no way of saving it.

    I love the lighting! I especially love her tips on using low light. Read - How Dramatic Natural Light can Inspire your Photography.

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    Your life is unfolding quickly in front of your eyes. Whether it is your baby that is learning to crawl and growing up too fast, your school aged child that is mastering a hobby of her own, your beautiful garden blooming, or your pets that are losing their puppy look far too quickly. Pull out your camera, start clicking and embrace those moments that seem too mundane to capture.

    I absolutely love how simple and attainable her tips are! Read - "7 Secrets to Creating Better Everyday Photos"

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    Calibration, in my opinion, is one of the most important steps to getting consistent final images on the web as well in print, and also one of the most forgotten.

    Calibration is used by photographers, graphic designers, video editors, and any other profession that uses a computer monitor and needs to view colors in their true form. It is a way to control your color process in editing and then later in print. It improves consistency, which is a must for professionals.

    I think calibrating my monitor is so intimidating, but she makes it look so easy! Read - "Monitor Calibration 101: How To & Why"

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    Knowing what to include in a website and what to exclude is difficult. Improve your site today with these six website must-haves. By including these simple and actionable things on your site you will not only see an increase in traffic but help to create a better user experience for your reader.

    6 Website Must-Haves - I never knew about #2. Wow! Installing this today!

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    Recently, I have fallen in love with photo books. I love that the kids now have something tangible to remember the adventures we have had as a family. And now, when we travel, I have the photo book in mind as I’m shooting. It helps keep me focused and I end up shooting much more purposefully.

    I love these photo book tips! I am going to keep her shooting tips in mind before our next trip. Read - 5 Tips for Creating a Better Photo Book

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    It’s Saturday morning, and the sun is just about to rise. You spot your photographer from across the parking lot, and all of of a sudden your stomach starts dancing the cha-cha.

    What is it about being in front of the camera that makes us all a bit uneasy? ALL of those lovely doubts about your outfit, hair, and body come out and you start regretting booking a session after all. As soon as you meet your photographer, she’s chatting up a storm and is instant warmth.

    Love the first tip about getting them to move! Read - 3 Tips to Help Couples Relax During Their Photo Shoot

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    How many times have we heard someone say, “My child hates the camera and runs away every time I pick it up.”? I hear this all too often and know that the more you pick up your camera and practice that the chances of your kids getting photographer’s kid syndrome increase.

    When I first started my journey, I decided to complete a Project 365 where you take a photo everyday for a year. Since my children were my main subjects, I had to quickly learn to how to prevent photographer kid syndrome so they wouldn’t run when I picked up the camera.

    Yes! I need this. My kids are so sick of my camera and run in the other direction. Can't wait to try these tips! via Click it Up a Notch

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    I was not prepared when I decided to start my business years ago. I ended up getting so burnt out that I actually quit. It took an entire year of careful planning, education, and new business practices before I decided to take clients again. These are the questions I wish I had asked myself before starting a business.

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    Landscape photography is one of my favorite genres. I love a beautiful mountain range or a shimmering sunset on the water. There is something peaceful about waking up before dawn, grabbing a cup of coffee and heading out on your own for a quiet morning with nature and your camera.

    However, as a mom with young children, it is hard to get up before dawn and spend a morning away from home. So since it is so difficult to get away by myself to take pictures, I’ve learned to creatively add people into my landscape photos, and have been thrilled with the results.

    These tips are perfect if you have kids and love landscape photography! Read - "8 Ways to Incorporate People into Landscape Photography"

Don’t stop there. We have over six years of awesome tutorials. Check out some of our best below.

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Wow! These truly are some of the BEST photography tutorials. So many photography tips and tricks! I can't wait to read more!
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